Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Almost everybody has somebody in their life about whom they can say "they made a difference in my life".   For me, that special lady is my mom. She was my teacher in middle school and high school, my nurse through 4 major surgeries, my encourager, my example of the Proverbs 31 lady and now my best friend.

Today we want to honor another very special lady...She is Brandy's Granny, (Brandy from Cooking with Brandy). Bonnie Turner went home to heaven yesterday morning. Many of the recipes that you will see on Fridays are from Brandy's Granny. She is the one who taught Brandy to cook and was like a 2nd mom to her.

Brandy wrote the following poem about this special lady. Even though Granny is no longer here, she is in the hearts of many...

Why God Blessed us with Granny

Granny was a blessing;
Sent from God above;
To bless our lives with happiness;
And teach us how to love.
She spoke words of encouragement;
Helped us conquer fears;
Read us books, sang us songs;
She even dried our tears.
She spoiled us with her generosity
Her banana pudding, pies and cakes.
She taught us how to keep the house clean;
And how to cook and bake.
She taught us patience and kindness;
To hold our tongues when we were mad;
She scolded us in her gentle way;
And directed our path when we were bad.
She showed great strength and wisdom;
And prayed for us each day.
She loved us unconditionally;
Even when we lost our way
Why did God bless us with Granny?
I think the answer is clear;
To fill the void in our lives;
When no one else was near.

Did God bless you with someone like "Granny"? Give that person a call. You never know if you will have that chance tomorrow. Much love to Granny! - Rejoicing in my present

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