Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#5 Plumbers Are People Too

His name was Eric. He was driving 2 hours to work in our area because he needed the job. He would travel here on Monday, stay all week and go home on the weekends. He was a former drug addict with a loyal wife and 2 beautiful girls. He had come through that time with a faithful wife that stayed with him and helped him to get to where he was now. He had found Jesus in it all and was a new man.

He started working on our bathrooms but it was about a week before we started talking about God. He helped to remind me that each of these guys who entered my house had souls. They needed Jesus or they needed to be encouraged. They had families to go home to and people that loved them. God cared about them and I should too.

I would offer drinks and sometimes candy or treats. One day, the owner of the company came over and I was making brownies. He knew that the guys were giving my house extra care and attention. He now knew why. They all wanted to be at our house...because we cared (and had brownies). :)

What matters? Souls.

You are paying people to work in your house. You can be as much "light" as you want.

Here are some suggestions...

  1. Offer them drinks. 
  2. Make sure your house is at a comfortable temperature. (Especially if the guys are working hard, you may want to turn up the A.C.) 
  3. Offer food, if they stay late. Many of them have food or will go buy some but the offer is always appreciated. 
  4. Play Christian music throughout the house. 
  5. If you have an open door to talk about God with one of them,
  6. Have an extra Bible on hand that you can send with them. 
Last but not least: Don't accept poor work because you are trying to minister to them. Ask them to fix their work BUT talk to them in a respectful, Christian manner, in the way you would want to be treated. 

- Rejoicing in the Present

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