Monday, January 18, 2016

#4 It's Just a Bathroom

We were/are in bathroom-remodel mode from the end of August into January (Yep, still in it.). During that time, I saw some of my closest friends go through some really traumatic things. One of my dear friends lost her husband, another one was dealing with a mentally unstable husband while another one had to leave her home due to an unsafe environment. A young girl's father was breaking her heart and a close friend went through a traumatic birthing experience.

It was just heartbreaking listening to their stories, loving and trying to be there for them. During all of their sorrow, I was living in a HOT mess. Many days, we had no water, due to the new plumbing being in-progress. We didn't have a usable shower for nearly 2 months so we had to go to the YMCA down the street to take showers and my house was A WRECK. We were very worried about Twila having another breathing set-back and money seemed to be going down the toilet we couldn't even use.

It was a very stressful time. I could see the effects on my body and I didn't handle it very well.

...but at my worst moments, I was kept in check by thoughts of my dear suffering friends. I had a husband who was trying to help me. He was alive and he wasn't abusing me. I had a father who loved me and cared about me and invested in my life. We were blessed to be able to get these bathrooms done.

Yes, it was stressful but it was JUST A BATHROOM.

...and yes, we had to go to the YMCA to take showers but we could be thankful that a "Y" was available close to our house where we could take those showers. ...and our house was a mess, and yes, everything was covered in dirt but we could be thankful we had a house to get covered in dirt.

Dear sweet friend, it's about perspective. If you are renovating your house, just know, it WILL be more money then you planned. It will take more time then you planned and it will be a bigger mess then you were ready for. ...but eventually it will be new and beautiful and over and done.

We have so much to be thankful for and so much to live for. When this life is over, we have the HOPE, the assurance of heaven and a life for eternity with our Savior.

It's just a bathroom. - Rejoicing in the Present

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