Thursday, January 14, 2016

#3 Family & Friends

Many times, we have the option of hiring family or friends for home renovation. This can be good, however, IT CAN ALSO BE VERY BAD.

I have been blessed to have family and friends help us on our house.  In fact, the main reason that my house is so nice is because of sweet family and friends who dedicated their extra time, money or items to help us out.
When I look at my beautiful hardwood floors, I think of a dear man who helped my husband sand and polyethylene them. He also painted most of the rooms and trim in my house. When I look at my flower beds in the front, I remember how my mom helped me clean them up.  Our attic was re-insulated and the roof fixed by my father-in-law.  These are a few of many instances where people helped us.  We have been blessed. 

...but I also have to warn you. This can really come back to bite you. We have paid family friends, or had family help us on projects that didn't turn out.
So I have to throw this question out to you. "It may be free labor, it may be inexpensive labor, but is it worth it?"
Here are some other things to think about:
  • Is the person an expert in this particular area? 
  • Is the job something that most anyone could do? (Paint, hang pictures, change a light switch cover)
  • Is it worth risking the relationship?  If you end up disappointed in the work or even get ripped off by family or friend, you are in danger of a damaged relationship, of maybe even losing that friend.
  • Does this person have time to follow through?
  • How much money are you actually going to save?
  • How much money could you lose if it goes wrong?
  • Have you seen this person do the job before and how did it turn out?
I hope these questions help.  Family and friends can be the biggest blessing when it comes to home renovations but it can sometimes also be quite a painful experience for everyone. Weigh your options with lots of prayer. - Rejoicing in the Present

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