Monday, September 28, 2015

The Crisis of Pregnancy

Years ago, when I was living in Tennessee, I volunteered at a pregnancy crisis center.  While I was there I had the opportunity to train to be a counselor.  However, I was only there a year before I married and moved a thousand miles away.

When I moved to Florida, I tried to get involved with one in the new area, but it was more or less a donation center.  It's always been on my heart but I haven't had a real opportunity to get involved with a Christ-honoring program.

So, I was blessed to able to hear the speaker of the former crisis center, where I volunteered, speak in a church service recently when I was back in TN.  It brought up those same feelings and frustrations.  As I sat there I thought again about those poor ladies.  I never truly understood them until I become a mother myself.

After a year of marriage, my husband and I felt like we were ready to grow our family.  Soon after that, when I found out I was expecting, I remember being so excited yet so nervous. The nervousness quickly went away and turned into nausea.  Which in turn, turned into other "fun stages" of pregnancy.  It was really hard at times. There were many times that I wanted to turn back the clock, wishing I had not started this journey.

I was a Christian and married, very secure in both of those relationships. My husband had a job that supported our family and we were able to afford this baby. This was my first child and I was being encouraged by my family and friends in this journey, and yet, I had fears, doubts and frustrations.

So then take a woman that has a few children already with no husband who finds out that she is again pregnant.

...Or even the church-going woman that surprised by an unplanned pregnancy.

...Or that single woman or teenager whose family and/or friends will disown her if she doesn't rid herself of the baby.

...Or the one-night-stand that results in a pregnancy.

...Or maybe just the career woman ( or any other woman) who doesn't want her life to change.

There are many excuses and the world will always support them with a "morning-after pill."

My heart hurts for these women. These women are in a quandary and they feel stuck.

Commanding them to stop will not stop them. Passing laws won't completely stop them. Even holding up signs won't stop them. However, if we would care about them and give them support and love them through this time, we might be able to rescue a lot more women. Not to mention unborn babies.  This is why places like Choices Resource Center need to be supported.

Find a Christ-honoring center in your area.  Pray for them, find out their needs, donate to them, volunteer your time, and love on these woman. They need a hug and the mercy of Christ, NOT a dirty look. - Rejoicing in the Present

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