Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lessons From Moms in the Bible - Eve

I will say that, some days, I feel bad for this mom.  She gets so much bad rap, which, of course, is a lesson to us.  You are free to make your choice.  However, you are not free from the consequences of your choice.

{FREEBIE} "You are free to make your choice"/ Inspiration This mama sadly brought sin into the world.  Her sin didn't just effect herself but her children and her children's children and all the generations to come.  Her son killed his brother and the consequences that came from Eve's decision that day, daily, effect us.

Now, please, let's not think we would be any different. The devil has very tempting ways. Look at your own life and your choices. It is hard to consciously choose to follow God and His plan but we must.

Our choices effect our families. We set the tone for our family.

Especially when my children are young,  I have the opportunity to set the stage for my children. From the toys to the books to the movies to the friends that our children have in their lives, we have opportunity to keep as much "sin" out of their lives as we want.

When our children are older, we can teach them how to avoid that "Tree in the Garden."  We can teach them to run from the devil and not even stop and chat. We can teach them that God is ALWAYS right and the only truth to be found is in God.

We set the tone. We bring in the garbage. We can make the difference. Sweet moms, let's clean out our houses.  Choose God.  Don't listen to the devil and the world.  Choose purity in life, in love, in your home. 

...and pray!  We need God's help to see through the disguises of the world. 

Pray & Purge,
Rejoicing in the Present

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