Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Using your Gifts to Help Each Other

Full House has NOTHING on us.  :-)  My parents have a beautiful house in TN but it's full to capacity right now. 

A few weeks after I got married, my grandma decided to move to TN and move in with them. They sort of made a suite for her.  She has a bedroom, sitting room and full bath so she can have her own privacy.

They wanted to be able to have family visit so they then built a large area above their garage to house guests. There was always room for people to stay; then my sister and her husband decided to build a house.  After selling their old house, they came to live with my parents for a few months and have "filled" that upstairs area.

Then, just this past week, it was determined that I would need to come stay at my parents' home too, due to my daughter's lung issues and the construction being done on our house.

All that being said, 12 in the house is a little full.  :-) ...but what is SO amazing, is that we are able to work together and help out with the gifts we have.

I volunteered to do the cleaning. My sister is doing the cooking and my mom is helping do our laundry. We help watch each other's kids and we all use our gifts to help each other. It's been so neat to just come together for this time and help each other. 

Now, my parents are really the ones who are helping us, but we give back with our talents and work. I personally DO NOT like cooking. So, it's GREAT to have someone else cook. 

I don't mind dusting and cleaning and I know it helps my daughter's health to keep things clean and neat. 

I'm not a huge fan of laundry either and my mom has always had this knack for getting stains out and keeping your clothes looking fresh and clean. So having her throw my clothes in with hers is just an extra blessing.

Now, I'm not suggesting that you sell your house and buy land next to your extended family, creating a big compound.  Though, I am seriously considering it myself ...hahahahaha. :-)   HOWEVER, I am suggesting that we use your talents to help each other. 

Maybe you can trade talents. Maybe you are great at cooking and your friend is great at cleaning. Trade a meal or two for an hour of cleaning.  Or maybe you can babysit your friends' kids so they can go on a date and then vice versa.

Now sometimes we need to help even when we will get nothing back. The Bible teaches us that principle.  

Help each other! 

That's what family does. Aren't we in the family of God? 

Whether you are trading talents or giving without any expectation of return, use your gifts to better each other. You will be blessed in the end. I can promise you that. - Rejoicing in the Present :-)

If you have any suggestions on other ways to help each other, leave a comment below. 

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