Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gifted To Be You

I was sitting in a mom's group meeting this past week when we all started talking about super-moms. My sister's name was brought up.  Now, my sister could be the Super-mom of all Super-moms.  She works a part time job as a teacher, schools her children part time, helps run the Wednesday Night Children's program at her church, heads up their VBS and Christmas program--and does it all with a flare. Her parties look like they are right out of Pinterest and her classroom is a cut above everyone else's.

As her family has grown, she has had to give up some of the things she had done in the past, but she is just such an amazingly giving, yet godly woman. My sister is truly gifted!  We all joked about living up to her, but really we just need to live up to "us".

Yes, my sister is gifted...but so are you. So am I. So are our friends.

Our gifts may all look different, but God has given us talents. Talents that we can use for our own glory or for His.


Back in the day, every grandma had something she was famous for.  It may have been her quilting skills or her cherry pie. People would talk about that special "thing".

"You have to taste my Granny's pie" OR "Let me show you the quilt my Grandma made".

It was always ONE really special thing. Nowadays we have gotten away from that one really good thing. It has become necessary to be all of the above. You may be really great at being organized but you are also expected to be an amazing cook, throw the most amazing Pinterest-inspired parties, AND your house needs to be spotless.

Oh, and all the decorations need to be homemade.

:-)  However, God did not make us to be Pinterest moms. He created us with different talents and different desires.  We need to find out what we do best, perfect it, and keep doing it.  It's not bad to work on the skills that we are lacking but we should not get upset if someone else does it much better. Be happy with your gift and use it to honor God and better your family. - Rejoicing in the Present

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