Friday, July 3, 2015

Living Biblically

"Why are we surprised when sinners sin?"  This is a great statement made by my mom recently. 

Watching the news and listening to the "great debates" about different hot topics currently can be VERY depressing to someone who follows Jesus Christ. 

Truth has become debatable while sin is being embraced and promoted.  However Truth is a FACT. It's doesn't change with feeling or emotion.  It is a fact that I am women.  It is a fact that I am a mom.   I will always be a woman and a mom.

Jesus says "I AM the way, the truth and the life."  In my opinion, one of the biggest problems with Christianity is that we are trying to change sinners and make them stop sinning by rules upon them to prevent them from sinning.  However, until they know Jesus, they will never stop sinning.  We have to point them to JESUS!

Sin is sin.  Instead of trying to live right or righteously, we need to live BIBLICALLY.  If the Bible says it, then we must do it.  If the Bible gives a principle to follow then we must carry that out. 

The Bible teaches on the tongue, on the heart, on having love for God and other people, on marriage, on self-control and SO MUCH MORE.  We first must live it out and then give it out.

If we would live out our love for God and others and  give out our love for God to others, we wouldn't have to worry about what the government legalizes. 

It doesn't matter that sin has been legalized.  Just because it's legal doesn't make it right.  I am not going to hand my son a cigarette at 18 and say, well, now you are of age, here you go.  Go smoke.  I'm not going to say, well, son, since homosexuality has been legalized this is an option you should look into.  NO! 

I am going to pray and try my hardest to teach him Biblically what the Bible says about marriage, what it says about taking care of our bodies, what it says about our tongue and our heart. I am going to try my hardest to show Him what it means to love God and love others. 

We will NEVER have a revival by hating the people that sin.  We will only have revival by loving God, loving others, living Biblically, giving out the truth and praying through it all. 

-Rejoicing that I have God's Word. 

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