Monday, July 27, 2015

Kitchen Re-do '15 - Backsplash

Our former kitchen had a thin faux brick wallcovering. We both liked it for the time we had it but we knew it was going to have to come off when we re-did the kitchen. The brick was so old that we would not be able to match it and the back splash had to be replaced. 

We found this beautiful stone back splash that we centered our whole kitchen around. It was something we both agreed on and felt like it was perfect for our budget as well as our design. 

Thankfully, "J" had previously done some tile work so we knew that he could install it himself.   He was a little hesitant about doing it, but within about 20 minutes, we knew that he wasn't just going to do a good job, he was going to excel at the project. 

Hubby is VERY MUCH a perfectionist on these projects so it made it all the better.

He had borrowed a tile cutter from a friend so the only expense we had was the stone and thin set. He...

  1. Measured each piece, 
  2. Fit the piece like a puzzle,
  3. Mixed the thin set ,
  4. Applied the thin set,
  5. Then put up the piece.
It looks like a professional did it.  I am so proud of him and thankful that God gave him that skill. Here is a picture of the good job he did.  - Rejoicing in the Present

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