Monday, July 20, 2015

Kitchen Re-do '15 - Design/Paint

Have you ever walked into Lowes?  

It can be quite overwhelming with all the options and ideas.  From Pinterest to Pottery Barn, I was just full of ideas.  In fact, I had so many options, it became difficult to make decisions.  I finally decided to talk to a friend who was just starting her career as an interior designer. 

She looked over my kitchen and color schemes and simplified some of my ideas.  I knew that I wanted my kitchen to be very bright, but I also loved the cherry red and robin blue style.  I wanted a homey farm-style kitchen; I wanted it to be warm but I also wanted things to look sleek and clean.  We had brick before and I wanted some of that again. 

So we went to Lowe's and then on to IKEA for some more ideas.  In just a short time, she was able to point me in the right direction.

I decided to go with...

  1. A creamy off-white color for the walls 
  2. A smokey greyish blue color for the cabinets 
  3. The back splash was to be stone 
  4. And the counters would be light stone cream. 
  5. The cabinets would have an farmhouse antique look and the new hardware would be stainless steel.   
  6. The new dishwasher would be stainless steel as well
  7. The decorations would be clean yet warm.  I made a large chalkboard and freshened up some things that I already had.
I felt like my designer-friend took my craziness and gave me the ideas I was looking for.   I would definitely recommend her for any designer project, small or large.  She offers consulting as well as furniture make-overs.  If you would like more information on contacting her,  feel free to message me or leave a comment below.  I will put you in touch.

I would say that getting a designer was definitely a positive idea. It's just nice to have an "expert" opinion and, if you can find someone who is just starting out, you can get reasonable prices with fresh new ideas.  Don't stress yourself any more with those projects--get some help!

Let's talk about the lighting next time. - Rejoicing in the Present

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