Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Kitchen Re-do '15 - Lighting

I really struggled with lighting for our kitchen. Our kitchen has a low ceiling with a cut-out for the lights. 

When we first moved in, there were clear acrylic lighting panels and halogen lights. It made the room feel really closed up.  So we ripped out the panels to open the room up but we never could find the right lights.

As we began to work on the kitchen, we decided to re-do the lighting as well. 

Noelle and I were at IKEA where she found 3 lights that she thought would be perfect for my style.  I wasn't sure about them, but after they were installed, I knew they were perfect for the job!

Coal-black pendant lamp ikea chandelier
We bought a coal-black pendant lamp from IKEA.  I had a 
retired electrician come in and tear out the old halogens.  Then he cut holes and installed the new ones.  I patched up the old holes and painted the area.

Because Denny was retired, he gave us a GREAT price on the lighting.  We are still using him around the house to do electrical jobs.  He has done a great service for our family.

We also had lights under the cupboards and above the counters that never worked, so toward the end of the kitchen job, we had Denny rip out the old ones and install LED lights. 

A few tips:

  1. Find a retired electrician or a friend that genuinely knows what he is doing.  Make sure they know what they are doing! By hiring an individual instead of a company, can save A LOT of $$$$$
  2. Look around for lighting.  From yard sales, to DIY Pinterest ideas, from Lowe's to IKEA, you have A LOT of options. Most things can be wired for lighting.  You can make lights out of Ball jars and Christmas lights. Look around!

The lighting is perfect for us. - Rejoicing in the Present

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