Friday, July 17, 2015

Kitchen Re-do 2015 - Intro.

When I walk into my kitchen, my heart lifts a little and I feel at home.  That isn't how it always was.  
When we first bought our house, we knew that many of the rooms needed to be updated.  The kitchen was one of the first rooms we started on.  We worked hard at giving it a fresh look with some paint, but it needed much more. 

The stove was nearly 60 years old and the wallpaper took too many hours and too many chemicals to get off. At that time, we stripped the nasty 2 layers of wallpaper, gave it a fresh coat of paint, hung some curtains and, after giving it a deep cleaning, called it a day.

I knew that my kitchen needed some appliances and some work but it just didn't seem to be in the picture.

So early this year, I decided that I REALLY wanted a new stove. It didn't have to be brand new but I figured that with my birthday, Mother's Day and our anniversary all coming up, I could get a nice one. 

I talked to a good friend about some ideas on how to install it and he offered to install it for us and Oh-by-the-way, he had a stove he was going to get rid of.  Did we want it?  Um, Yes!!!!!

It was a PRAYER request answered.  I couldn't have been happier!

Then, later on, my parents convinced us that we needed to get a dishwasher. They knew how much it would help our little family. ...and that is where it went "down-hill."

To install a dish-washer, we would have to redo the cabinets or repaint them.  Our counter-top was obviously needing to be replaced and, since we were doing the other things, it seemed the right time to get that done. The list started piling up and so, one dishwasher later, we were able to redo our whole kitchen. 

There were so many people that helped us with the progress, from design to install and everything in-between.   You vital people know who you are--we really could NOT have done it without you all!

So join me as I take you on a remodel of our kitchen... (to be continued)... - Rejoicing in the Present

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