Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Ministry Cycle

Working in a ministry can be exciting and it can be exhausting.  When someone gets saved, your heart fills with joy and when someone walks away from the faith, it can feel like lead. 

You often see more negative outcomes then positive, which can really affect you. It is the ONE job that when you fail at it, you aren't just affecting peoples lives but their eternities. 

It can be very heavy.  I know that personally I can get burnt out. I have to constantly walk in the Spirit, so as not to get depressed or upset.

BUT there are some really great stories that you get to experience. You get to see God working in lives and His hand leading and directing, like He did so many times in the Bible.

One such story in which God's hand has clearly directed concerns a very close friend of mine. She and her husband move every so many years. 

Her dad is a pastor of a small church in TX. When she moved to our area, she tried out our church since we weren't far away. We hit it off fairly quickly. Her kids got involved in our children's program, she played the piano a few times for our church and her family got involved in some of our ministries. 

When she moved, it was hard to see her go but I told her of a friend's Bible-preaching church in her new area and she promised to try it out. We started talking every week on the phone and still do to this day.

After she moved up north, she tried out my friend's church and fell in love.  She once again involved herself in the church, even helping out with their public-school outreaches, VBS and so on. 

Recently she moved back to her home area, due to her husband's job. She has been able to take all that she learned and is starting a children's program in  her home church. It sounds like she is already getting off to a GREAT start.

Just in the last couple weeks a little girl received Jesus as her Savior. The next week the little girl's dad and her were baptized and the whole family was able to join the church. 

It's been about 4 years since my friend came and left. 

She told me recently that she believes that God took her through these churches so that she could learn, grow and then take it back and start a ministry there at home.

Now she will be starting her own cycle. She will reach into the lives of people, touching them and giving them Jesus.  She will see them grow and reach others.  I pray that it will start many other godly cycles. 

So, now, my sweet friend, who is burnt out and ready to give up.  Keep going! It may be years, it may be months before you see the seed you've planted take root and spring forth.  Hang in there and remember what Paul said...

"I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase." I Corinthians 3:6 - Rejoicing in the Present

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