Tuesday, May 12, 2015

You are being watched - Part 1

I will admit it.  I am a people watcher.  I could probably grab a cup of coffee and sit for hours in a busy area of town and just watch people.  I want to know everything about them, their dreams, their history, the reason that they are the people they are today.  So, I often catch myself watching and wondering about people. 

Recently I was at Wal-Mart.
I had just spent too much time shopping and my kids were hungry.  So I buckled them up and grabbed a bottle for my daughter.  I was standing by the open car door feeding "T", when I noticed "Jane."  (probably not her real name)

I noticed "Jane" because she was nicely, modestly dressed with a huge smile on her face.  She pushed her cart past another lady and made a friendly comment and then she came up to my car. 

"Jane's" car was next to mine; she started to unload her cart.  My cart was in her way and I tried to move it but she told me it was no problem as she understood that I was feeding my baby.  Then she took her cart and put it back in the cart holder.

When she came back to her car, she then offered to take mine and put it away as well.  All this time, I thought, "WOW, she MUST be a Christian."  I almost asked her if she was one, but I didn't.

Then she got into her car and pulled away; once my daughter was done with her bottle, I got into mine and drove away.  When I was pulling out, I noticed a fender-bender. 

"Jane" had been rear-ended by another lady.  I'm not quite sure what happened or who was at fault, but she and "Jane" were in a heated discussion.  It looked like "Jane" was yelling at her.  I was saddened to see her beautiful countenance twisted with anger. 

Then it hit me.  Is this how people see me?  I had been drawn to "Jane".  She seemed so lovely, but this side of her....was ugly and not at all Christ-like. 

I don't know "Jane".  I don't know if she was a Christian. ...but if she was and if I wasn't, she would have lost me immediately. 

Non-Christians KNOW how we are supposed to act.  We need to think about that. 

Tomorrow, I will follow up with another thought on this subject. - Rejoicing in the Present

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