Thursday, May 21, 2015

Space Shelves

A lady in our church has worked at Kennedy Space Center for years and will be retiring in the near future. She asked me to design some shelves for her to display some of the memorabilia that she has collected from out there over the years. 

While I was making her shelves, I decided to make a few for "A's" room as well.  

This is what I used:
  1. Metal brackets to hold the floating shelf (thrift store $.50)
  2. Outdoor wood from Home Depot (8x2)
  3. White Primer 2x Cover
  4. White Paint
  5. Screws
I had Home Depot cut up the wood into 2-ft long pieces. Then I painted the brackets and wood over the next week. After a few coats, I assembled the shelves and scheduled with her a time to install them. 

It was a simple project. I would have made them a bit more decorative but they are displayed in an casual family-style sun-room and thus it felt like less was more.  - Rejoicing in the Present

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