Monday, May 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Big Boy

I can't believe that you are three years old! You are getting to be such a little man, or should I say, a little ham. I could listen to you talk all day long. (...and usually I do...non stop) :-) You say the funniest and sometimes the sweetest things. "I like God, Mommy, I Do!" 

I "love" the little lessons I am learning about myself through you. You inspire me to be a better person. I know that your eyes and ears are on me 24/7 and you are going to copy what you see and hear.

My heart overflows when I see the ways that you take care of your sister. You go flying to her side when she cries out. You are her personal body guard and her best friend. She adores you...and so do we!

You're "Gaggy's boy", "big boy", "Daddy-boy", "Babee", "handsome", and "little scruff".  You are the cuddle in my mornings and the talk of my day. Daddy and I could not be more blessed. We know that it will not be an easy journey, as you have your "own ideas" about life, but we are in it with you. We love you more then you will ever understand. 

I am so blessed to be your mommy!

I am so thankful that God, gave me you, to start my journey as a parent. Happy Birthday Big Boy! We love you! - Blessed 

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