Friday, November 7, 2014

This Little Piggie Got A Paint Job

I got these adorable little piggies from my Secret Sister at church. One was painted blue and the other was painted pink. She wrote the names of them on the side with ink. Well that gave me an idea. I LOVE white spray paint of course so I decided to make them white with blue or pink lettering. 

What did I use?
  1. Primer Spray Paint
  2. .99 Walmart White Spray Paint
  3. Scrapbook Stickers - Letters
What did I do
  1. I spelled out their names on the side of the piggies
  2. Then I sprayed a base coat of Primer Spray Paint
  3. After letting it dry, I sprayed a couple different coats of my cheap white spray paint
  4. I let them dry in between sprays.
  5. Once they were dry and one I got the desired look I took off the stickers so that the color would come through.
They came out so cute! - Rejoicing in the Present

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