Monday, November 17, 2014

11-17 - Update on Sweet T

I am so excited to announce that "T" and I are sitting in a new room on the regular floor. :-)

In every story, there is rising action, a climax, falling action and finally a resolution. I am so excited to tell you that we believe that "T" is now in the part of the story of falling action. In others words, we believe it's all downhill from here. 

Part of the reason why "T" was in PICU was because, even though she was being supported on different machines, she was still grasping for breath. Her chest was real tight and she was still fighting to catch her breath.

Finally, one for her respiratory technicians decided to raise the air flow to 12 (Usually 8 is the highest that they give) and then keep the oxygen content the same. This has made the hugest difference.

Finally late last night and early this morning, her chest started relaxing and this morning she has been smiling. At that point, they felt like she was able to graduate from the PICU and head to regular care.

Before they transferred her, they decided to lower her airflow to 10 and she did not like that at all. She started to retract again, so they have raised it back again and she is doing great. 

Because of her progress, we feel like we will be going home a lot sooner than we were first told. However, we still have a journey and it could be till the end of the week before we get home. 

Please keep on praying for her. She is doing so much better then we had expected. Thank you so much for the sweet concerns and ALL the prayer. It is making a world of difference. - Rejoicing in the Present!

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