Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Daddy's House

My son LOVES his daddy. His daddy is his favorite and 2nd place isn't even close . When "A" spots his daddy walk into the room, you can almost hear the music start and see him running to his daddy in slow motion. It is the most precious sight. 

Recently, "A" realized that his daddy is at church A LOT and even more recently he realized that his daddy works at the church. So "A" gets SUPER excited when I tell him that we are going to the church. 

On the way to the church, we pass our senior pastor's house.  Pastor has a little girl who dotes on Avery and every time we pass their house, he says "C----'s" house. Then about 10 seconds later, we get to the church. 

So, out of the blue, "A" started calling church, "Daddy's House."  He will ask me if we were getting close, if we were going to daddy's house and will get so excited and happy, because he knows he is going to see his daddy.

What a lesson "A" has taught me. He is ecstatic to go to church. He knows that when he got there, he is going to meet his daddy and run into his protective arms. The love and fun that those two share can not be beat. 

So I ask you... 
Do you know that your Heavenly Daddy is going to be there to greet you? 

Are you excited about going to church because you know you are going to "see" Him?

Do you go running into church with a smile on your face, calling out for Him?

Are you ecstatic over your next meeting?

I pray that my son will know his Heavenly Daddy soon and He will go flying into God's arms and never let go. 

God loves "A" and He loves you. His arms are open wide, reaching out to you. Run boldly to him. He's waiting! - Rejoicing in the Present

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