Monday, September 5, 2016

God can Use the Rocks.

In Luke 19:35-40, we find Jesus riding a donkey through the streets and the people praising Him.  The Pharisees cried out for it to be stopped, but Jesus replied, "I tell you, that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."

This is a good reminder that God does not need us to do His ministry.  He wants us and knows usefulness is best for us, but He can use rocks... and at times I'm sure they might be easier to use.

One of the blessings I have seen over the years is how God fills the gaps.  I dislike change and I hate seeing people come and go in the ministry but transition can be very good.  As of yet, I haven't seen a ministry (upon whom was God's hand) fall completely apart because a person left.  I have only seen how God finds replacements.  Usually there is growth and stretching, but more people end up being involved. 

We had a super-woman secretary at our church for years in Florida whom my family loved.  However, she felt called to move.  We were all quite undone and didn't know how her spot was going to be filled.  She was missed but the Lord used several faithful woman who volunteered throughout the week and a young man who was an assistant to the Pastor.  Quite a few woman took ownership of their new ministry position and the Lord grew them. 

I was one of the volunteers and really enjoyed that time.  I learned new programs and grew close to those I worked with.

When we knew that the Lord was calling us to TN, I started consciously working on finding replacements. One of the programs I started was a mentoring program for the girls that I would counsel.  I partnered up a young adult with each teenager so that each girl would have a strong Christian influence in her life who could love on her and encourage her after we were gone.

I recently talked to one of my friends who is one of those mentors and she reminded me that, because we moved and this program was started, the young adult women now had a new opportunity for growth. 

I have talked to several friends from FL and I am so encouraged by the stories of how the church is thriving.  Praise the Lord. 

This all just reminds me...
  1.  ...that God doesn't need me. It is an opportunity to serve for Him. You can't do anything more valuable then investing in eternity.
  2. ...that transition is hard, but with death, moving and other life changes, God ALWAYS has a plan. God may be moving you out of the way, so that He can grow someone else. Here's a thought: What if God moved us to another church, so that He could grow a whole bunch of His children? How awesome is that!!
  3. always trust God. He's got it.
As I finish up, I just want to clarify something. This article is not for the un-engaged Christian, who needs an excuse for not serving. This is for a tender heart who just doesn't understand what God is doing and to encourage that one to keep going.  Don't make the rocks do your work.  Live for eternity! - Rejoicing in the Present

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