Friday, September 23, 2016


...Ok, so I know what you are thinking.  I moved to TN and now I need "big hair". 

Well, yes, I did move to Tennessee, BUT, no, I still have regular mom-hair and pretty much NEVER use hairspray ON MY HAIR. 

However, as of late, I have been using hairspray DAILY.

My sweet lil "T" has decided that she enjoys writing on the couches. 

Oh, yes. 

Since we started Avery's school, she has really been getting into the school supplies.  A few days ago, I stepped out of the room to use the bathroom and came back to artwork ALL OVER the back of couch. Then, a day later, I gave her a pen and board to write on while we were doing school and she decided to walk over to the other couch and decorate it. 

She knows. She has been corrected. She had guilt written all over her face, but yet she still did it.  (Sounds like us adults, sometimes, right???)

Well, anyway, this is where hairspray comes in handy.  Hair spray is AMAZING at getting ink out.  It is definitely my GO-TO product whenever "T" starts decorating my furniture. 

  • I spray. 
  • Leave it for a minute. 
  • Wipe/Scrub. 
  • Then I spray again. 
  • After the ink is mostly gone, I use water to finish the job and get the stickiness out. 
The "artistic" 2s can be trying, but hairspray saved the day again. ,If it weren't for "T", those poor hairspray cans would get awful lonely.  I'm sure she is glad to help. - Rejoicing in the Present

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