Monday, September 12, 2016


Beth Moore

Priscilla Shirer

Nancy Lee DeMoss

Lysa TerKeurst

These are all great woman who have encouraged me to grow closer to God through His Scripture and through Bible study.

I have other friends and family who have influenced me as well.  There are some that are still in my life and others who have gone on to heaven or to other ministries.

But what is amazing about each of these people is not themselves.  It is the One they serve.  You see, if we took God out of these people, there would be no reason to read their books or listen to their advice.

I am not a follower of man, I am a follower of God. 

I am grateful for their walks and examples.  I am grateful for their advice, encouragement and godly wisdom.  I am a fan of their work, but I am a follower of God.

What about you?  Who encourages you?  Who brings you closer to the Lord?  And, ultimately, who are you following? I would love to hear your comments. Feel free to comment below. - Rejoicing


  1. My pastors wife encouraged me to start a journal of praises and blessings. It has really opened my eyes to how amazing God truly is.
    I daily think about all that God has done for me. I highly recommend having a praise journal. Some days all I do is copy verses that uplift the Lord, if I am having a tough day and struggling to praise God like I should.
    I am able to find other encouragement through the right music and godly friends.

    1. Thanks Sam for sharing. That is a wonderful idea.

    2. Thanks Sam for sharing. That is a wonderful idea.