Monday, April 18, 2016

Their Stories for His Glory

Mother's Day comes around once a year and I always struggle with the same dilemma.

On one hand, I want to praise mothers and thank them for all they do. As a mom, it’s not hard for me to realize that moms do A LOT and being a mom is more than a job--it’s a lifetime commitment. As a child of the world’s greatest mom, I also just want to shout praises to the world about how blessed I am.

…but on the other hand, there is an overwhelming cloud over my writing, because I know and am friends with quite a few women who have very heavy loads they are carrying. Mother’s Day is one of the hardest days they face during the year.

Last year, I wrote a letter to “That Woman" who struggled with Mother’s Day. There was an overwhelmingly positive response and, praise the Lord, it encouraged a few souls. (And if you know someone who struggles on Mother’s Day, please feel free to share it with them.)

This year, I am OUT-OF-MY-MIND EXCITED about the opportunity to share with you some of the stories of these women I mentioned above. Over the next couple weeks, up until Mother’s Day, I am going to share with you the journeys of some really amazing women. They are going to share with you the story that God gave them and how He got them or is currently getting them through it. Some of them are going to share how you can help them on Mother’s Day.

I pray and hope that this will encourage you, whether you are walking paths similar to theirs or you are trying to help others traveling those paths.

So now, I’m going to stop talking and let you hear from them. Stay tuned...

- Rejoicing in the Present

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