Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Love is Kind Pt. 2

I discussed a Biblical example of love, yesterday; today I want to give a real life example of how selfless love played out, in one instance.  

A group of friends and I heard of a need.  We talked about all putting together items for this needy person.  

While we were in the process, I noticed something special that one of my friends was doing. She was gathering items that were not old or unwanted.  In fact, she had just gone to the store, to buy these items.  She had bought these as "treats" for herself.  When she heard of the need, she didn't give the extra or the unwanted.  She gave from the heart.  She gave the nice and the new, the things she had wanted for herself.

That REALLY hit home to me. 

When different organizations collect canned foods or other items, I tend to donate my extra stuff or things I no longer want.  When I give away clothes, they are used and unwanted. 

Is this love?  Or could I just be just trying to appease my conscience?

When there is a need, do we give where it hurts or do we give only to the extent that it's comfortable? 

Jesus gave until it hurt.  In fact, He bled and died for us.  Is our love comfortable?  Love is sacrifice. Let's love until it hurts.  This is what God did for us. - Rejoicing in the Present

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