Friday, November 13, 2015

Virginity vs. Purity - Part 4

I wanted to end this series with a note to married woman.  I closed with this comment on the last blog but felt led to expound a little bit.

On a side note, if you are unmarried or an unfulfilled wife, go to a CHRISTIAN counselor to get help. God has given you permission to be sexual (read Song of Solomon).  Don't read 50 SHADES to try to find help! 

God created us to respond to our husbands.  This is a gift.  Don't ignore it or set it aside. For free counseling or to get a recommendation for a counselor in your area, call Focus on the Family 1-800-A-FAMILY

From sexual abuse to the Christian "no's" before marriage, many dear ladies have a hard time finding freedom in their marriage, especially in this area.  It's hard to get married,and say "yes" to your husband, after saying "no" before. 

If you watched the part 2 video clip that I linked to my last blog, Priscilla asked Julie about what the boundaries within marriage are and she gave us three three questions. 

  • Does God say no? (Homosexuality, adultery, fornication...)
  • Does it relate to only my husband and myself? (If you are fantasizing outside your marriage, then it is not just you and your husband)
  • Is it good for us and our relationship?
    • Is it loving?
    • Does it promote safety and security with us as a couple?
    • Is there risk involved?
    • Humility or pain is not helpful or loving
    • It needs to be about growing in love, not just about thrill of arousal.

The devil has us delight in things that are wrong and gives us guilt over things that are right.

Ladies, God wants us to enjoy our husband.  Sex inside of marriage is truly right and if you are not enjoying him, seek for some Christian advice. 

A while back, I realized that I needed to go outside our marriage and get some help.  A friend of mine had been to a Christian counselor and she recommended this counselor to me.  I was so embarrassed to meet with this lady, but it was exactly what I needed.  I was hours away from home but I was still so nervous going into this lady's office, afraid that someone would see me, but it was one of the best things I have done. 

She opened my eyes to some areas that I needed to work on and showed me how right the intimacy in our marriage was.

If we do not have an intimate relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ, first of all, and second, with our husbands, that part of our life becomes fragile and the enemy can easily come in and attempt to destroy the purity in our marriage. 
The devil would love to destroy your marriage.

This is very very important and thus why I felt the need to extend this conversation. I just want to encourage you to have liberty in this area. Sexual intimacy is the way many husbands express their love to their wife. Let them express it and if you still struggles, get help! It will be the best thing you do for your marriage. - Rejoicing  in the Present

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