Monday, March 10, 2014

Let Go, Let God

You have probably heard that phrase multiple times.  I’ve heard it used a handful of times especially when people are dealing with all sorts of problems.  This phrase came back to me recently while studying the Holy Spirit with Beth Moore.

Let me ask you some questions?  Have you ever tried to be the Holy Spirit in someone’s life?  What? Me?  No?  Well, I’m raising my hand.  I have!  Wives, how many times do we try to convict our husbands instead of just taking it to God, who has his own personal conviction manager?

We can pray for God to convict someone but we will never be able to do the job ourselves.  This is frustrating BUT overwhelmingly relieving.  Can you imagine if it was your job to convict everyone and it was in your hands whether someone accepted Jesus?  Could you imagine if Heaven and Hell were in your hands?  The responsibility would be unbearable!  This is only a job for God!

The Holy Spirit is quite  multitasked with all the jobs He has, but his first ministry is to convict and reprove.  Before we are saved, the Spirit convicts and shows us our sin and points us to Jesus.  After we are saved, He convicts us to bring us back into fellowship and spiritual productivity.  We can try to be the Holy Spirit in someone’s life but that is not our job.  We are powerless to bring results.  “We only have one true source of results and that is intercessory prayer.  We can pray diligently for the Holy Spirit to intervene in the love of an individual”- B.Moore

I am STILL learning this lesson!  I remember when I would witness to others, I would feel that I had not done my job unless they were on their knees begging God to come into their heart.  I was a disappointed child because that rarely happened.  When friends would make ungodly choices I felt like I needed to tell them what they should do and that they should change; if they didn’t I felt like I had done something wrong.  Even in my marriage and motherhood, it frustrates me when I say something that is Biblical but is not adhered to.  My job is to speak truth, in love but it’s the Holy Spirit's job to do the convicting.

I would encourage you to not give up!  Just because someone’s not listening to your truth doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong.  Tell the truth, in love.  Then I would tell you above all else…pray!  Praying is your only super-power.

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS REALLY COOL!!!!  Here is a fact that I was recently reminded of.  Did you know that the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us and helps us to know what we should pray for?  Did you know that He prays for us and when we don’t even know what to say, He is already praying for our needs? That is such a reassuring truth!  How neat! (Romans 8:26)

We need to worry about being filled with the Spirit so that He can lead us to say the right thing and to make the right choices.  Worry about you and if you are worried about someone else, Pray!  Let go, and Let God! – Rejoicing in the Present

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