Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Letter of Forgiveness

A while back, while I was on Facebook, I noticed the status below. 

"I just typed a really long status to "vent", listing every naughty thing my wild child has done today and described in detail how horrible this day has been. But I had to delete it when I realized how embarrassed I would be if he could type and got on Facebook and told everyone all the wrong things that I did today. So I think I'll just forgive him, love on him, and try to remember that tomorrow is a new day... For both of us" - 

CONVICTING...A mom wrote that about her little boy. I know we all have days were feel we need to vent about everything that we have been through...but STOP and think. What if your child could write everything you did wrong today? What if your husband vented about everything you did wrong OR more, what if your Heavenly Father had a Facebook account and wrote everything that you did wrong.

You are forgiven today, so why not forgive, give a little grace and remember that tomorrow is always a new day. To that dear mom who wrote that status, THANK YOU!  You blessed me! - Rejoicing in the present

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