Wednesday, March 19, 2014

10K Wedding for $200 Part 2 - Flowers

Flowers are usually a big expense for the bride, especially if they are real.  Another downside of having real flowers are having them die on you.  I remember a good friend complaining that her flowers wilted down the aisle.  You just never know how they will hold up. T his is why, A LOT of brides are going with artificial flowers. Nowadays, they can make fake flowers look real and most people can't tell the difference.
Also, another bonus is that you can save your wedding flowers for years, and with a little TLC, they keep on looking beautiful. This of course is just one opinion on wedding flowers.  Eat the fish and spit out the bones.

Because we had to use what we had, I didn’t have that much choice BUT to use artificial. I  called on a few friends that had a wedding recently and saved the flowers. I  also looked through our church flowers.  I was able to make a couple cute bouquets for the bride and her party.  A friend also donated some petals and so that was taken care of as well.

For the ceremony we used as much of God’s garden as we could.  So I don’t remember spending any money on the flowers!  So here are some suggestions on saving money when it comes to flower:

  1. Keep the flowers to a minimum. Only use the flowers to pop the color!

  1. Ask your friends - people are getting married every day and a lot of brides save their wedding decorations.  Many would love to see their expensive stuff re-used again.

  1. Craigslist! – If brides don’t save their decorations, many of them give or sell it on craigslist or other online websites.

  1. Try the dollar store. Yes, the dollar store has petals and fake flowers and their greenery is not bad as a filler.

  1. Use God’s Garden. If you are having a spring or summer wedding, you may be able to go out to the woods or a field and find some beautiful flowers or fillers.  Don’t depend on this though. Have a plan!  Use this a bonus.

  1. Ask your church members and friends. Does anyone own a florist shop or know how to arrange flowers?  If you bought the flowers, would they arrange them for you? 

ASK ASK ASK! This is key, a lot of people are talented. Thankfully that is how the church is made up.  It's a body of Christians with all different talents.  Many people are willing to give of their gifts as a gift for you for your wedding. So ask!

Don’t be so picky! Have a wide range of ideas that you are open to.  I know that Pinterest is fun and it gives us the idea of a perfect wedding but remember it’s the perfect MARRIAGE that we need to be worried about.  Invest in your future spouse and your future life with him. This is what is important!  Save the extra money! You never know what you might need AFTER you're married.

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