Monday, December 9, 2013


I am reading KINGDOM WOMAN by Tony Hudson and his daughter Chrystal.  It’s been encouraging as well as helpful.  This is partially where “Being More Productive by Doing Less” came from.
This week we are going to talk about HOPE.  If there is something that seems to be lost in our world it is Hope.  The world pretends to provide it but more and more we see less and less of it.

This book has been so helpful, that I want to share a summary of the "Hope” chapter.  I feel like it could help someone today.  You may be down, and discouraged.  The same issue or trial that you have faced has been with you for years and you can’t seem to fight it off.  There is Hope and His name is Jesus.  Here are some thoughts…

When Cinderella and the Prince fell in love, he didn’t leave her with her evil step-mom, he took her out of that bondage and to his castle. Jesus wants the same for you…

He doesn’t just want to bring His money to you, His castle to you, or His chariot to you. He wants to bring you to Him. He wants to take you out of the bondage and let you live in the freedom of His presence and provision. He wants to show you your new position and your new glory. He wants to get you out of a spirit of slavery. He wants to give you hope.” – T.H.

 “Before you give up, look up”... “It isn’t summed up in just going to church more or doing more good things.  It’s about connecting with the One who gives hope.”

Tony goes on to tell us about the lady in Luke 13 who was crippled; she was in church when she met Jesus, she probably had attended that church for 18 years, singing, giving, and praising God, but she wasn’t free.  Church in and of itself does not help, but Jesus does.  Where everyone had dealt with the fruit of the problem, he dealt with the root.  Her issue was not the crippling but that she was bound by the devil. I t was deeper then what people saw.

The reason why so many people end up bound by issues is that they try to address the circumstances rather than appealing to the One who can address the root.” – T.H.

In the book, he talks about the immediate change and what took place.  Jesus told the lady to “come to Him.”  She had to leave what she was doing, the people she was with and come to Him.  When she did, she received freedom from her issue.

Friends, JESUS WON.  He conquered the devil and death itself.   I’ve read the last chapter.  We will win.  Yes, the devil has power (too much) but Jesus has more.  There is HOPE and His name is Jesus. Go to Him today.  “Cast your cares on Him, for He careth for you.” - Rejoicing

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