Monday, December 2, 2013

Being More Productive by Doing Less

That title may seem to NOT make sense, but it really does.  As a pastor’s wife, a mother, a friend and a lover of the ministry, I can get booked up way tooooo fast.  In fact, I seem to always look forward to the next season; when I get there I realize that it’s crazier then the one before.  I take on too many projects and do not seek enough help.

 My husband has been preaching this message to me since we got married but I only learn the hard way.  Recently, I learned how productive I can be when I hand out more of the projects.  More gets done and done right.  One of my husband’s many hats is to run the children’s programs; on Sunday Nights we have a program called Kids4Truth that is a lot like Awanas except with more emphasis on doctrine.

I was running the program, leading the music, teaching one of the classes, and running the games.  Well, recently, my husband became freed up and was able to take the program back over and also started sharing the load.
So with the many changes I have been able to share the load.  Hubby runs the games, I lead the music but have other teachers help lead the songs.  I have my sweet co-teacher teaching the lesson and I get to sit down. YAY!

Our little family went on a vacation this fall and I felt great about leaving. I knew that our staff could handle it because many of them had been taking over where I was stepping down.  In addition, they were learning and becoming better teachers and leaders themselves.  This fall, I came to my sweet co-teacher and asked her to teach this fall and I would sit and help with class-control as well as teaching the verse.  She consented and has done a wonderful job.  I can see her growing as a teacher and it made me so glad to have encouraged her that she could succeed.  Over and over I see our staff growing in their abilities because I have done less and allowed them to do more.  All in all, it’s made our team better equipped, especially for days when we go on vacation or I get sick or another teacher gets sick.  Our staff is definitely more productive.

Tomorrow we will talk about the HOW-TO’s of making your life more productive. – Rejoicing in the Present

2 Timothy 2:2 " ...teach others also."

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