Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Yummy Christmas - Chocolate Pretzel Wreath

Chocolate pretzel wreaths
Here is another delicious YET easy treat to make with your kids over the holidays. Most of the ideas are from pinterest :)

What you need

  1. Small Pretzels
  2. Melting Chocolate
  3. Decorative Icing
  4. Parchment Paper
What you do
  1. Melt your Chocolate
  2. Dip your pretzel halfway into the chocolate and lay on the parchment paper
  3. Keep dipping and immediately lay the pretzel touching each other in the direction of a circle
  4. Do this until it completes a circle and then start over on top of the circle. Make 3 layers. The chocolate should be touching
  5. Once the chocolate pretzels have hardened you can decorated the top
YUMMY and cute! - Rejoicing in the present

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