Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Soapy Suggestion

While I am cooking I'm always trying to keep Avery busy while making sure I'm not burning the food. I read a suggestion in Emilie's Creative Home Organizer. It was alot of fun for Avery but I think he may need to be a little older before we do it again.

Emilie suggested that you place the child in a high chair and put a mound of shaving cream on the tray to play with.

Avers LOVED it. The only down side was that he kept sticking his soapy thumb in his mouth. Now Emilie did say they would only "taste" it once since it was soap and they wouldn't like the taste. However, my son is  little different and apparently doesn't mind soap. So until he is a little older, and doesn't like the soap taste, I probably won't do it. However, he had a BLAST and if your child sucks a pacifer or doesn't like the taste of soap. I HIGHLY recommend it!

Avery would have sat and played in that ALL DAY if I let him. Enjoy the clip...

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