Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Re-Creating Crayons

Here is a great craft to do while the kids are on Thanksgiving break...
Our church preschool class had a bunch of crayons and many of them broken. So I decided to take the broken ones and re-melt them into new fun crayons. Unfortunately I did not have any cute cupcake pans, just the normal kind, but they turned out fine.
What you need...
1. Broken crayons
2. METAL muffin  pans
3. Oven
What do you do...
1. Peeling and organizing can take A LOT of time. So this would be a fun job to give your children to do. Especially if you need some quiet time.
2. Peel all the wrappers off
3. Organize them into colors or don't :-)
4. Place in your muffin pan
5. Heat in your oven at 350 for 10 mins
6. I did some by color groups (blues, greens, reds) and then I did mulicolored ones. Both turned out adorable.
- Rejoicing in the present

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