Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Packing Tip #2

Imagine you're at the front door of your new home and people are helping you unload.  They are walking in with your boxes. 

Every three seconds they are asking WHERE the boxes go.  It can be a confusing, frustrating mess but it doesn't have it be

Image result for Saurus Home Moving Labels, 4-bedroom House, 14 Rolls, 50 Labels Per Living Space, 14 Different Colors, 700 Total Labels, 1" Height X 4.5" Width, Color Coding LabelsOne of the best things that happened to us were these labels.  Saurus Home Moving Labels.

We placed one on each box. When the boxes were delivered, all the workers had to do is look at the label to see where the box was supposed to go.

It went great! We actually were not even at the house, when our stuff was delivered. My sister and mom led the operation and they did a wonderful job.  

Another tip for coordinating your boxes is using different colored duct tape for each room. Example: Red for the Kitchen, Pink for the bedroom, flowers for the living room, and camo for the kitchen. 

BUT, I still like the Saurus labels better because you don't have to remember the color code AND they are easy to peel and stick.  I hope this helps - Rejoicing in the Present

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