Thursday, August 11, 2016


Ian and Larissa Murphy are not the normal couple, but what is normal? 

Sacrificial love?

That is most definitely NOT normal. 

Ian and Larissa fell in love during college. They were pursuing a serious relationship that would eventually lead to marriage, when a serious accident happened. Ian's Volkswagen was crushed and so were their dreams. 

Larissa's world was turned upside down that day, but she stayed true to God and to her man. The book EIGHT TWENTY EIGHT is their story.  I love Larissa's brutal honesty and how she admits to wondering if she was doing the right thing. 

This story is not one where Prince Charming wakes up after a kiss and all is well and all is good.  Prince Charming goes through hours and years of physical therapy and still struggles. 

Larissa believed that God had brought the two of them together and so she didn't give up on him. 

One of the other things I really love about this relationship is that Larissa sees the good in him.  She is not a victim.  She doesn't do this for fame or glory. She truly loves Ian.  She loves his wit, she loves flirting with him, and she sees the good in him. 

I love that Ian brings Larissa closer to the Lord.  THIS IS HUGE.  Ian has something that MOST men do not nor will ever have and that is love for God and a desire to bring his wife with him in that relationship. ...and if it takes an accident to get that way, we would all do well to go through that.  (I do not say this lightly. I truly mean that the trials of our life can be some of the biggest blessings.)

As I read this book, I just kept thinking about my own marriage. It was such an either from married or single, to pick up a copy and read it. 

EIGHT TWENTY EIGHT. Get a copy today.  You won't regret it. - Rejoicing in the Present

P.S.  Just to clarify, I wasn't asked to read this book, nor did I get paid to write this review. I just simply enjoyed the book and had to share. :) 

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