Friday, July 29, 2016

Infant Swim Rescue

My husband and I have had our children in Infant Swim Rescue Lessons since they were babies.  We have always felt it was important for our children to respect water and know how to save themselves if need be. 

The video clip shows you what the children learn to do and, amazingly enough, they really do learn the skills.  They come back each year for refresher courses and, over the years, it's a little chunk of change.  In fact, I have often questioned myself for spending the money.  Well, until one night...

My son is four years old and swims like a fish.  He still is not a fan of floating but he can and will in case of emergency. My daughter is still learning the skills she needs and is not the hugest fan. 

The other night I was in the pool with the instructor because we were moving and she wanted to give me some pointers on working with "T."   We were in the middle of a large pool and "T" was screaming about having to float.  My son was fully dressed and I kept watching him out of the corner of my eye.  I noticed him, bent over, putting his arms in the pool, but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary.  I was trying to focus on "T" and got distracted for a few minutes. 

All of a sudden, I heard "A" cry out.  He was inside the pool, holding on to the side.  We never saw or heard him fall in.  He simply rescued himself.  He was mostly upset because his play clothes were wet and he wasn't wearing his swim clothes.  I simply told him to swim to the steps and he did. 

There could have been a very different ending that night.  First, I want to praise God for His protection of my little guy.  I also want to praise Him for putting this desire in my heart for the kids to get swim lessons.  I also want to thank ISR for teaching others how to teach children how to rescue themselves. Another child was saved tonight.  Praise GOD!!!! - Rejoicing in the Present

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