Wednesday, June 8, 2016

God's Hand of Protection

I was totally relaxed at the end of my pedicure.  It had been the perfect date, the perfect anniversary. 

Hubby had taken me to shoot at a shooting range. (Something I had been wanting to do for a while.) Then we went to 4Rivers, an supper-yummy BBQ restaurant, and he had followed that up with a pedicure for me at a nearby spa and some shopping. 

Could it get any better then this?  I was so happy and so relaxed...

...but then we got the call...

Sweet "T" had been placed on the back of a motorized animal behind her brother and told to hold on.  (I always put her in front of "A" because he holds onto her, but the babysitter didn't know this.)

"T" flipped off the animal as they were going around the curve and the rest is history.  They held her close and she calmed down and that is when we got the first call.

A little bit later, we received a second call that said when they picked her up again she had another pain meltdown. This happened twice, so they brought her home. 

We drove home.  

When I got home, I noticed she needed a diaper change, so I laid her down.  When I picked her up she went into a cry-scream, shaking in pain.  I knew immediately that we had to take her to the hospital. 

It was determined that she had fractured her clavicle bone and we had to keep her wrapped. 

Over the next weekend, I was told that "T" was in even more danger then I had previously realized. (just by how she flipped off the animal) A fire started in me but it wasn't over...

A few days later, I returned home, after shopping with my kids for their upcoming birthday party.  I pulled in and my husband appeared shaken and told me that he had almost been killed. 

He had been painting the back of the house on a ladder, at the top of our two-story house, when the ladder slipped and hit some power lines that were attached to our house.  The line popped out with high-voltage electricity spraying everywhere.  Within a split second, he jumped from the ladder 2 stories to the ground. (with no injuries)

I was shocked and frustrated by the what-ifs.  Fear and anger surrounded me.  I walked into the house and my son skidded on the floor, face down in front of me. (My daughter had dropped water on the ground and he slipped in it.)

All around me, things were not going right.  We had also received a disappointing phone call and the frustration continued to rise. 

 As these thoughts kept plaguing me, I just got angrier and angrier until it hit me...

1. "T" ONLY (and yes I mean ONLY) had a fractured clavicle.  She could have been paralyzed or dead.

2. My husband was alive and with no injuries, just a little shaken up. 

3. God was in control.

4. God was not finished with me.  I don't get why He has said "No" or "Wait" but God has a plan and I must trust Him.

You see, God had protected us in each of those circumstances.  I had to get my perspective right.  The world may feel dark.  It might feel evil. It might seem that the bad is bigger than the good, but I know that God is always bigger! 

So I just want to publicly praise my Protector, Defender and Sovereign God for surrounding our family with His angels.  I don't get it all but God IS working!  Praise the Lord!!!!  Praise Him! - Rejoicing  in the Present

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  1. Praise Him. Amen!!! So thankful for all of you.