Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Little Grace


These were the words of another mom at the pool where we take our swim lessons. 

I had just learned of the tragic story of Latoya Brown and her family. It was her daughter's birthday and she had taken her 5 daughters, 3 nephews, a baby nephew and her boyfriend to the beach.  I'm guessing that they had a great time.  On their way home, they packed those 11 people into a car that holds 7 and when a tire blew out, tragedy struck.  Some of the girls flew out the window.  Most of them had to be transferred by helicopter.  Tragically, 4 of her 5 daughters died that day. 

It was a horrible day. She made a mistake and paid huge consequences for that mistake.  I'm guessing, as a mom who birthed and raised those 5 babies, she loved them and cared for them; today she is in her own emotional "jail" because of that one mistake. 

This morning, she woke up, once again, to the fact that 4 of her babies are gone.  My heart breaks for her.  It was one day, one mistake.

This dear lady does not need more jail time, she needs a little grace.  On Facebook, I saw so many hateful comments about her situation, that I couldn't help posting this on the story's wall.

"Dear Latoya Brown,
I am soooo sorry!  My heart breaks for you. I can't even imagine the grief that you are feeling. As a mother I have given my life for my kids and when I have made mistakes I have lived with the guilt it brings. No matter what people put on you or say, remember that you are a mom. A mom who loved her baby girls. You are a mom who was trying to do something nice for your girls. You made a mistake...and it hurts and it costs and you will live with that... but give yourself grace. You still have a full life ahead of you. Use what you have learned to help and bless others. God loves you and I am praying for your sweet mama heart. -- From one mama to another!"

...but then I remembered my own anger...

Just a few days earlier, I had been on the perfect date with my hubby. In fact, at the moment we received "the call", I was enjoying a pedicure that he had surprised me with.

The call we received informed us that our Sweet "T" had flipped off the back of a motorized animal and hurt herself badly.  This led to a fractured collar bone, LOTS OF PAIN, a late night at the ER, a huge bill, and no swim lessons or activity for "T".

I was angry....  Whenever I let "T" ride on the animals, we always put her in front of my son or I would ride it with her.  Instead, a 2-year-old was placed behind her older brother and told to hold on.  Seriously?  There were 5 adults watching her and one of them couldn't keep her safe? These were the lies the devil kept feeding me and I was angry.

BUT IT WAS MISTAKE.  It was a moment when a dear grandma was trying to do something nice for her grandchildren.  She was trying to make them happy and give them something fun to do.  She did this out of love.  She was devastated that it happened and I had to swallow my emotions and give mercy!

A little grace, a little mercy... this is what we need in life. This is what our Savior gave us, A LOT of it!!!

So the next time you want to cremate someone, think about yourself.  Have YOU ever made a mistake?

I remember, years ago, I made a mistake as a bus driver for a local day care center and left a girl at the school.  My list was long and my checks on the boxes went a little high, so it looked like she was checked off,   She wasn't in ANY harm. She was in the care of her school.  When the daycare and her mom found out about it, THEY LOST IT.  I came in a few days later on my birthday for a 2-hour meeting where they ripped me to shreds. Then the mother came in for another 1-hour meeting. You would have thought I injured the child or killed her.  It was a horrible experience and I DID MAKE A MISTAKE, but it was a mistake--no grace or mercy was showed to me. 

I have continued to make mistakes and to be the victim of others' mistakes.  So have you.  I would encourage us to stop before we condemn someone so quickly.  Have you sinned before?  Have you made a mistake?  Let's give a little grace & mercy. - Rejoicing in the Present

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  1. Joy: As one of those whose gift of mercy falls to the very bottom of the list in the order of gifts, I usually first think, "What was he/she thinking?" Then I realize (with a little nudge of God's Holy Spirit via humor or a whack upside the head) that I have and continually receive the ultimate grace and mercy, even when I do wrong intentionally. I appreciate your reminder that when I do wrong, the first place I look is for His mercy. Why should I not immediately offer it to another.
    Love your posts.