Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Christmas Pictures 2015

Ok, moms, ADMIT IT.

Getting family pictures is stressful!  We all have to match. Everyone's hair has to look perfect. Everyone has to be rested and everyone has to smile at the same time.  Oh, and no throw up, spit up or diaper explosions.

We get there and try to smile, while encouraging the rest of the clan to look at the camera and smile!  Most of the time (at least for us) there are 25 terrible pictures and 4 good.

At our latest session, our sweet little princess was no sugar and ALL SPICE. Whewwww!  She wanted nothing to do with those pictures.  After a VERY long sitting, we got a few that we were able to work with, however, we all were CRAZY by the end of it. We were "all through".

Normally, we only share the sweet pictures, but I had to share these others because I wanted you to know that I'm a real mom with real kids struggling to point them in the right direction.

It's rough at times, it's crazy at times and it's awesome at other times. So today, I had to laugh and share and just say, "It's OK mom. It's really OK."  These "spicy" pictures will be ones that we share at her graduation. :-)  I hope these make your day a little better.

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