Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Plugging into Christmas

Ok, I totally get ya! Christmas parties, Christmas presents, decorations and cookies--there is LOTS to do. Christmas is a busy time of the year, but just recently I was reminded again about what is really important.

As many of you know, we finally have our house back after MONTHS of bathroom renovations. It's been just a little stressful so when I was able to finally CLEAN the house and put up my decorations, it was WONDERFUL.

That night, little A. and I celebrated next to our lit tree with hot chocolate, popcorn and a Veggie Tales movie. It was WONDERFUL. Then the next day, I woke up and jumped into Christmas shopping., then went to Christmas play practice and started preparing for one of our MANY parties. My sweet husband worked on a few projects, including putting the Christmas lights up outside. We have lights that outline our house, lights surrounding our tree, a lit nativity outline and some lights on our porch. Since we added a few more this year, we quickly found out that they were not all going to be able to be plugged in.

We had half of the porch lights off for a few days but that looked a bit weird so the lit nativity got pulled. It would be a few days before my husband had time off again so I just waited it out. I walked past it everyday in frustration and went about my busy Christmas schedule.

Finally, after too many days of an unlit nativity, it hit me. STOP! Unplug the tree lights and plug in the nativity. It was quite simple. The only light that really needs to shine this Christmas is the nativity.

At this point, I really don't care if our tree lights get turned on. If my husband has time to fix it all, then that's great, but REALLY the meaning of Christmas is Jesus and that is what needs to shine from my home this year.

This was a great reminder.

My dear lady, don't worry about all the presents and decorations and cookies. Make sure that Jesus shines. Make sure that it's about His birthday and His celebration. Enjoy those other things and let them come out of His celebration. Plug in Jesus. He needs to be the One shining this year. - Rejoicing in the Present

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