Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Being the "Sam" in your Marriage.

So I am definitely the Christian–home-video, chick-flick and cartoon type of girl.  When it comes to movies, I don’t like violence, people dying, scary things, suspense or anything with a bad ending.  I feel like there is already so much negativity, dying and war in this world, so why do I need to purposely watch more of it?  So, 4 years into our marriage, Hubby has been kind enough to watch my movies and not complain.

Recently, I felt the need to do something for him and with him that he would like.  So we decided to watch a movie that he had seen before and liked.  It was curse-free and overall had a good storyline but was more male-themed.  We watched LORD OF THE RINGS.

Now, nobody told me that it was a series or that altogether it was 12 hours long.  I was, like, WHAT?!?  But after all that I had put my husband through over the years, I decided to watch them anyway, so over a period of time, we slowly watched through them.  (Well, I watched everything but the war/fighting scenes and worked on projects during the movie)

During the days, in between watching the movies, my husband and I discussed what we liked and who our favorite characters were. When Legolous came onto one of the first scenes, my husband informed me that, he was usually a favorite with the women.  He wasn’t my favorite but he was a good guy.  There was the dwarf, Gimli, who was our friend’s favorite and Aragorn, a man of integrity and even Frodo who bore the burden of the ring and so many other great guys.
BUT, my favorite was someone you probably wouldn’t suspect.  My favorite was someone who you usually didn’t think of as a hero.  My favorite was Frodo’s friend and gardener.  My favorite was Sam, Samwise Gamgee.

After eavesdropping on Gandalf’s and Frodo’s conversation, he ends up finding himself on this journey that he never expected.  He becomes Frodo’s trusted companion. Sam doesn’t let Frodo go alone on the journey even when it looks like they are going to all be split up. He cares for Frodo, cooks his food, keeps watch over him at night and supports him, when he needs it the most.
So, if you have seen the movie, you are probably asking me WHY are you tell me all this?!? …I feel that we need to have more SAM’s in our marriages today.  A lot of time, we work against each other instead of working together.  Sam, was Frodo’s best friend.  He cared for him through war and almost death.  He looked out for him.  He had his back.  He defended him. At one point, he told Frodo  “I can’t carry it for you, (referring to his burden) but  I can carry you” and he literally picked Frodo up and carried him.
As wives and husbands, we need to support our spouses. There are days my husband comes home weary and tired in the ministry.  I can’t carry that burden for him, but I can carry him to the ONE who can carry Him.  I Peter 5:7 “ Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.”  I can hold him up in prayer.  I can hold him close and just love on him. I  can provide him with the environment that nurtures him physically.  I can sustain him physically and feed him spiritually with God’s love and prayers on him.

Sam is not the best looking fellow in the movie, he didn’t really kill or defeat any large armies, he didn’t really have any supernatural powers.  What he did do was carry Frodo when he was too weak to go on.  He carried his burden, when he thought that Frodo had died.  He cooked for, cared for protected and defended him and He was the lifeline to Frodo at the end when he was hanging off a cliff.

You know what they say, ladies, behind every great man is an even greater woman.  I could get into story after story about women who prayed over and supported their men, and then that man went on to do great and mighty things.  I can also tell you story after story of women that influenced their men for evil.  Who will you be?  We don’t have to be a hero to the world, only to one person.  Be a Sam!  Support that one that you promised to love, honor and cherish, ALL the days of your life. – Rejoicing in the Present

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