Wednesday, May 11, 2016


SAHM, this is what I write in the blank on my application under the employment section.

For some this might be confusing. What is a SAHM??? 

For other stay at home moms, it means what they do every day.

For me, it means something really special. 

It means that I am the one who gets to teach my kids their ABCs and numbers and when they have that AHAAAA moment, I am there to see and rejoice with them. It means when my son shouts down the stairs, "MOM, today is Monday, yesterday was Sunday, and tomorrow is Tuesday, I realize that he is listening and learning and I have a HUGE part in that. 

It means that I get to enjoy extra cuddle time before they go to sleep. It means that my daughter is going to wrap her chubby little arms around my neck and hold on for all it's worth because she doesn't want to go to sleep and will rest in my arms as long as I will hold her. It means I get all the cuddles and hugs I could ever possibly want. 

It means I get to sit on the edge of the splash pool and watch them run around through the water with huge smiles, enjoying the time of their life. 

It means that I get to teach them to pray and get the blessing of hearing THEM pray. It means that when a fire truck drives by, I get to hear my son call out to God for protection over those fireman without me even telling him to. 

It means that I get to teach my children to love each other and to work together as a team. It means I get to love them and discipline them and raise them as part of our next generation. It means I get to teach my son what it means to be a MAN and I get the opportunity to teach my daughter to be a young lady and someone's future wife.

It means I get to sit and read them book after book after book. It means that my son is going to go get the blanket and we are going to cuddle up under it with one child on each side and we are going to read books and sing songs and read more books. 

It means on my sick days we are going to get more cuddles and books, and on my healthy days we are going to go on adventures. 

It also means that my husband is going to work hard to support us so that we have this opportunity every day, day after day. It means that he is going to miss out on our adventures and our cuddles and fun.  But he is willing so that we can have this special time. 

It means that we are so very blessed. It means I am a SAHM! - Rejoicing in the Present

P.S. Leave a comment. What makes your heart happy about being a SAHM????

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