Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's Ok, Mommas

Ok, Moms! It's tempting, it's hard not to be the "soccer mom, room mom, mom of the year- mom," but just be your baby's mom. Be what your baby needs. Be the best for your family. 

I know, I know! It's hard when all the other Facebook moms are looking at you. It's hard when pinterest is telling you, you can do better. It's hard not to compete, but you only need to be awesome to one little family. ...and let me tell you they already think your amazing. I had to share exerts from joyfilleddays, To read the whole article, click on the link.

Im so glad I didn’t have the internet when my kids were little. The internet has become a measuring stick for young moms that constantly tells them that they aren’t measuring up. It hammers away at your soul, a photo, a click, a comment at a time.
unremarkableI have a message for young moms, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: You will never thrive in life if you try to be remarkable in every area of life. You’ll sink, because it’s too much weight to carry.
Don’t believe the lie of Pinterest– that every aspect of your life must be remarkable.
When I was a kid, the women around me were known for their “one really good thing.” It was like their little badge of honor, and we were all willing to ooh and ahh and revel in that one thing.
My great-grandmother was excellent at making Italian food. From the moment I stepped into her house, I was greeted with the smells of onions hanging overhead and garlic simmering in the pan.
My grandmother had a wonderful garden when we were young. We’d snap the beans off the poles and eat them. The smell of the grapes in her arbor transports me back to my childhood to this day. She was also known as our sleepover grandmother because we all begged to sleep there and play with her little puzzles, and drink hot cocoa and eat blueberry muffins.
That’s no longer the case in our digital age. We can’t just be really good at making fresh salsa or baking bread: we must grow our own organic food, have a house that is way out of our means and looks like it should be on the cover of a magazine, our teeth must be perfect, and clothes up to the minute. Our kids need to be ready for Yale at the age of seven and they must all be athletic, musical, and Mary Poppins-ish—practically perfect in every way.
...“The world tells us we need to be exceptional, when we really need to be faithful right where we are,” were her wise words.
Isn’t that what we all need to hear shouted from the rooftops?
Isn’t faithfulness in the little things, the local things, what really matters?
Where has God placed you? Look around you. Are you in a room full of little kids? Well, don’t despise this chance to be “missional” because this is where God has called you.
What does being "missional" in your home look like?
It looks like-- brushing and braiding your daughter’s hair and taking time to add the touches she wants.
It looks like-- being present right where you are, and making life “special” for those in your home, and not just for company.
And it looks a lot like-- faithfully tidying your home to make it pleasant for those who live under your roof, serving meals with loving touches to the people you love the most, and living a kind, quiet, peaceable life right where you are.
It means teaching those chubby-cheeked kids about God.
Our goal cannot be to impress others with our lives, but to imprint God’s ways of walking in love into our child’s heart.
The truth is this: God loves you. He’s remarkable, so you don’t need to be. You’re already loved and accepted. You don’t need to seek for approval that you already have.

DON'T STOP READING... click here for the rest of the story!!! - Rejoicing in the Present

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