Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Health - Home Remedy

"Lemon Medicine," this is the what my son calls it. This is also the "medicine" that I grew up on. We were rarely sick and, if we did get sick, this is what mom used.  It's AWESOME! 

With all the nasty germs floating around, I would recommend that you make yourself some of this. A teaspoonful a day will keep the "nasties" at bay but if you do get sick, take 1/2 teaspoonful every hour, until your body is saturated.  You will know that has occurred if the stomach begins to gargle a bit or if stools become very loose.

This is what you need...

  • 1 cup warm water  (not boiling)
  • 250 mg B6 - buy capsules
  • 5g pantothenic acid - buy capsules
  • 50g vit c - powdered ascorbic acid is the least expensive
  • Glass Jar
What you do.
  • Pour 1 cup of hot water into your jar
  • Then open and pour in the contents of enough capsules to equal at least 250 mg B6
  • Next open and pour in the contents of enough capsules to equal 5 g or 5000mg pantothenic acid
  • Finally pour in enough ascorbic acid to equal 50 g or 50,000 mg
  • Place the lid on and shake.  It may not totally mix immediately, but, as it sits in your refrigerator, it eventually does.
  • Keep refrigerated

This is what you are actually ingesting...
1/2 teaspoon will = 500mg vitamin C, 100mg pantothenic acid and 5 mg vitamin B6

It's quite tart, so be prepared.  However you'll get used to it quickly.  My son actually likes it.  I came downstairs one day and he had gotten into it and was trying to drink it.  SCARY!  Good thing, it was healthy.  :-) The worst it could have done was give him the "runs". Try it out.  IT WORKS!

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