Monday, February 29, 2016

Free Activities for Your Tikes

I've always enjoyed "activity", so as a mom of young children, I enjoy taking my children out to do fun things.  One of the drawbacks for a young mom is not having the extra money to do "memberships" or classes.  So I have learned to do free or inexpensive activities.  I wanted to share some ideas with you today.

Activities at the local Library
Libraries are a great source of fun and education for your kiddos.  You can borrow books, puzzles and videos, bring your kids to events, and even let them get their very own library card. 
Most libraries have events like...
  1. Story time for toddlers and preschoolers
  2. Summer reading programs
  3. Crafts
  4. Holiday events like puppet shows
Most towns have bike paths or sidewalks where you can take walks.  Also check out the beach, the mountains, or a nearby wildlife sanctuary to go hiking with your kids.  It's a great time to point out and teach about animals and flowers.

"You Pick"
This is not exactly free.  If you buy fruit from the store, think about going to a local farm or orchard to pick your own.  The kids love this and it's a great tool to teach them all sort of things about plants, fruit and the great outdoors.  Growing up, I remember apple and peach picking. Now, where we live, we go berry picking.  We can also get fresh oranges as well.  Google your area and find the "pick your own" farms.

Fire house tour
Did you know that most of our local firehouses give free tours?  You can call ahead or just drop in and ask if your kiddos can see the fire trucks.  The fireman love to show off their equipment and vehicles to your kids.  Your kiddos might go home with their very own plastic fireman hats.  They might even be allowed to sit in the truck and see the lights. 

As an added bonus, bakes some brownies or cookies and take them with you to share your appreciation for our everyday heroes. Teaching your children to love and respect these guys is important!

Our fire stations in town had an event at the local park and "A" got to "tour" their helicopter. It was AWESOME! (See picture)

Local park
Check out your local parks.  Kids are ALWAYS up for a slide and swing. More than likely, you will get the chance to meet other moms this way as well.

Splash pads
Many towns are getting these so check out your area to see if there is one. Splash pads are fun water areas where the water shoots out of the ground. Bring a bathing suit or strip them down to their underwear.  Your kiddos will LOVE THIS.

Church events 
From Vacation Bible School to Harvest festivals and Christmas parties, A LOT of churches have fun FREE events.  Call or visit local churches and find out what they have going on. Even if you are already a part of a church, you can still visit events at other churches when they don't conflict with your church events. 

Nursing homes
Does your child enjoy singing?  Call ahead and ask a local nursing home if your child can come and sing for the older people. I'm sure the people would LOVE this. 

Holiday Events
During the holidays, most towns have a lot to do. From Easter egg hunts to firework displays to Christmas Parades, there is usually something fun for the kids. Check out events on your town's calendar. 

Building Workshops (Lowe's & Home Depot)

Depending on the age of your children, Lowe'' free workshop is amazing! Your child gets a free apron and goggles and a project. He get's to build this project and take it home with him AND he gets a patch (to put on his apron) for each project he completes. It's completely free and fun! Check out their website here -> Build and Grow. Home Depot does it too but I have yet to go to theirs. 

I hope this gave you some ideas.  Do you have any others????  Leave them below in the comment box. - Rejoicing in the Present

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